Do you need to transfer video to High Definition, DVCAM, BetacamSP, Mini DV, well look no further. These dubs require special attention, as a high degree of precision and technical expertise, are required to produce broadcast quality results. In order to perform PAL conversions we use top of the line 601 digital 4 field Converters. Our experts have the ability to convert from any format to any format including NTSC and PAL DVD-R’s.
One may think that video is internationally universal, but think again! there are many standards. For example NTSC is the United States format it has 525 lines of resolution and PAL the European Standard has 625 lines of resolution. Due to the many varying formats around the world most standard video recorders, videotapes and DVD’s that are foreign must be converted into NTSC. Our experts have over 15 years of experience and we use the best equipment to ensure our clients are never disappointed in the quality of the transfer.